OPWC-Ohio Public Works

Ohio Public Works Commission Grant / Loan Applications
 Ottawa County – District 5

Local Ranking will be September 27, 2017, 9:00 a.m.  at the
Ottawa County Engineer’s Office

Score Sheet

Ottawa County
1.  Ottawa County RWTP – Clarifier Mechanism Recoating
2.  Elmore Eastern Road CR#6 Road Relocation
3.  Portage River South Road TR #18 Over Sugar Creek Bridge Rehab

Allen Township

Billman TR #54, Genoa-Clay Center TR #51 Young TR #74 Road Ressurfacing

Benton Township

Moline-Martin TR #66, Bier TR #97, Linker Portage TR #46 and Other Roads Resurfacing

Genoa Village

Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Oak Harbor Village
1.   Park Street Reconstruction
2.  State Route #163 Water Line Phase 3

Port Clinton City

Jefferson Street Water & Sanitary Sewer Improvements




Round 31 – Applications are provided below:

Round 31 Priority Rating Sheet

** Click on the project name to access the application **

Ottawa County

Engineer’s Office
Gypsum Road CR #33 Pavement and Drainage Improvements

Sanitary Engineer’s Office
Elevated Water Tower Tank Repairs

Carroll Township

Bier Road TR #97 Resurfacing & Safety Improvement

Genoa Village

Washington Street Reconstruction – Phase 3 

Water Booster Pump Station Improvements 

City of Port Clinton

Water and Sanitary Sewer Replacement – Loan Assistance


Village of Oak Harbor

State Route 163 Waterline Replacement – Phase 3






Round 30 – Due 4:00 p.m. September 4, 2015

Round 30 Priority Rating Sheet

Ottawa County 
Engineer’s Office – Ap 1
West Catawba Road Resurfacing & Safety Improvement – Phase #1

Clay Township  – Ap 2
Billman Road TR #54, Reiman Road TR #53, Opfer-Lentz Road TR #214 and Other Roads Resurfacing

Danbury Township  (Joint w/Carroll Twp) – Ap 3
Quarry Road TR #218 & Camp Perry Western Road TR #18 Resurfacing

City of Port Clinton – Ap 4
Madison Street Reconstruction

City of Port Clinton – Ap 5
Madison Street Water and Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Village of Oak Harbor – Ap 6
Benton and Main Street Improvements

Village of Genoa – Ap 7
Washington Street Reconstruction

Village of Put-In-Bay – Ap 8
Water Treatment Plant Improvements