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Specifically, the Prosecutor:

  • Provides legal counsel to Ottawa County;
  • Reviews, authorizes, and prosecutes felony and misdemeanor crimes committed within Ottawa County;
  • Authorizes and prosecutes felony and misdemeanor juvenile offenses;
  • Presents felony cases to the Ottawa County Grand Jury;
  • Represents and advises over 50 Ottawa County agencies, including fire departments, townships, libraries, schools, and county officials;
  • Participates in the Ottawa County Budget Commission;
  • Organizes and collects on tax foreclosure cases.

In addition, the Prosecutor oversees the Ottawa County Drug Task Force, an agency that consists of three full time police officers, as well as assistance from police departments throughout the county. The job of the Task Force is to conduct investigations into drug trafficking in the county. Agents of the Task Force also represent the program by speaking to civic groups, schoolteachers, administrators, and coaches, giving valuable information about drug abuse, drug identification, and early warning signs of drug abuse.

The Prosecutor also provides support for law enforcement through discretionary funds. This money is used to provide police training, fund undercover drug buys, purchase metal detectors for schools, buy gun locks for the citizens of the county, and tire spikes for police departments, among other things.

Among his other duties, the Prosecutor also speaks to many local civic organizations, to citizens at various public events, and to students in local schools.


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