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Ottawa County Senior Resources is partnering with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department, the Ottawa County United Way, and the Area Office on Aging of Northwest Ohio to recycle used cell phones for distribution to Ottawa County Seniors.  These cell phones will be distributed to Ottawa County Seniors to contact “911” in the event of an emergency.

Seniors interested in this program must be 60 years of age or older and an Ottawa County Resident.  For further questions please call Ottawa County Senior Resources.


Download Application by clicking here.

Used cell phones are being collected at:
Harris-Elmore Public Library
Oak Harbor Public Library
Ida Rupp Public Library
Genoa Senior Center
Danbury Senior Center
Put-in-Bay Senior Center
All local Police Departments in Ottawa County

Donated phones will be purged of information and sanitized before being issued to a senior.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

“I would like to donate my cell phone but I don’t have all the parts (i.e. battery, charging unit etc.), will you still accept it?”

–Yes, we accept all cell phones even if it doesn’t have all it components. We will also accept any accessories that you may have (i.e. car charger, headset).

“My phone is too old-you couldn’t possibly want it?”

– Yes, we accept all cell phones, regardless of how old it is.

“What will happen to the phones numbers and personal information that is stored in my phone?”

– The phones are immediately sent to a recycling facility where they are inspected, cleaned, and the memory is erased. The phone is then returned to the community for distribution.

“When I receive my cell phone can I call my relatives?”

– No, the phone is to be used in the event of an emergency and can only be used to call 911.

“What does the phone cost?”

– If you are eligible (60 years of age or older and a resident of Ottawa County) there is no cost. There are no activation fees and no monthly charges.