Road Closures

Road Closures


March 21, 2023 until further notice       FULL CLOSURE
Plasterbed CR #34                                   Lockwood north to the railroad tracks  

April 10 to June 23, 2023 ONE LANE
Oak Harbor SE CR #17                           State Route 53 to State Route 19

May 30-31, 2023    
Vogel Road TR #100                           State Route #163 to Salem-Carroll Road
Cullman Road TR #107                       Portage South to the Norfolk Southern Railroad
Portage South Road TR #111              Elmore Eastern to Portage River South
Bloom Road TR #110                          4-Mile House to State Route 19

Walbridge East TR #68                         Martin-Williston to Opfer-Lentz

One-Lane Restriction


Railroad Crossing Closures  


Bridge Load Reductions

  • Reiman Road TR #53 over Cedar Creek
  • Trowbridge Road TR #67 over Turtle Creek 
  • Walbridge East Road CR #68 over Crane Creek
  • Curtice E and W Road TR #70 over Cedar Creek
  • Rocky Ridge Road CR #75 over Toussaint Creek
  • Toussaint North Road TR #62 over Packer Creek
  • Locust Point Road CR #237 over Turtle Creek
  • Elmore Eastern Road CR #6 over Sugar Creek
  • Portage River South Road TR #18 over Sugar Creek
  • Slemmer-Portage Road TR #43 over Wolf Creek
  • Schultz-Portage Road TR #47 over Sugar Creek
  • Four Mile House Road TR #41 over Nine Mile Creek
  • Woodrick Road TR #168 over Little Portage River

Load Configurations