Ottawa County Volunteer Corp

The Ottawa County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is pleased to announce the formation of an Ottawa County Volunteer Corp. 

Program Focus

The Ottawa County Volunteer Corp  will consist of county residents and workers who want to help when a disaster strikes, or who want to assist with family and individual disaster preparedness activities in the county. Ottawa County Volunteer Corp does not duplicate efforts of other organizations, but instead helps other organizations who respond to disasters. Ottawa County Volunteer Corp can do things like establish a Volunteer Reception and Donations Management Center at the disaster site. They work directly with homeowners and victims to get spontaneous volunteers where they are needed, and to distribute unsolicited donations to help them. They support the victims of disaster as well as the organizations and first responders who are mobilized.

Join the Team

For persons interested in becoming a part of the Ottawa County Volunteer Corp, email team coordinator Sandy Hovest of Resource Solutions, by calling 419-602-0758.