District Advisory Council

The Ottawa County Health District Advisory Council (DAC) appoints members to the Ottawa County Board of Health and provides other advisory oversight to the board. The DAC is made up of officials from the county, townships, villages, and cities in the district. The District Advisory Council meets annually and has statutory authority to appoint the members of the Board of Health and make recommendations to the Board of Health. The DAC also approves the representatives of the Health District Licensing Council (DLC). 

The District Licensing Council (DLC) is charged with appointing one (1) member to the Board of Health to represent the regulated community in public agency decisions. The Health District Licensing Council consists of one representative of each business activity for which the Board of Health operates a licensing program.

The annual meeting of the DAC is on the second Thursday of March at the Ottawa County Health Department. 

To keep the DAC members informed on the new developments at OCHD and in local public health, the Ottawa County Health Department sends quarterly updates to all DAC members. These updates can be found below. 

District Advisory Council Quarterly Updates