What is the Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal is an online link that allows Ottawa County Sanitary Engineering customers to view their utility account information for water and/or sewer online. To get started, please have a bill to refer to for account number and customer identification (CID) number.

Please note that the account number must be entered exactly as it appears on the bill. Once registered and logged in, you may view your water consumption, payment history and pay your bill.

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1. What is e-bill and how does it work?
2. Are there any additional charges?
3. What are the benefits of e-bill?
4. What payment options do I have with e-bill?
5. If I sign up for e-bill, do I have to sign up for automatic bill pay?
6. What if I have multiple utility billing accounts?
7. Will the e-bill look like the paper statement I get every month?
8. Can I still mail in my payments with e-bill?
9. What if I want to stop e-bill and return to paper billing?
10. Can I view my e-bill if I do not have a computer at home?
11. Is it safe to receive my bill via email?
12. How soon will I receive my first e-bill?
13. How do I sign up?
14. What do I do if I’ve changed my email address or want to be notified at a different email address?
15. I’m not receiving the email notifications each month. What do I do?
16. Will my email address be shared with anyone else?
17. What about past due notices or other notifications sent by Utility Billing Department?
18. What is the Customer Portal?
19. How do I transfer my water and sewer service if I am moving?
20. How is my sewer/water bill handled when I sell my home in the middle of the month?
21. I forgot to schedule a final meter reading before I moved out of my old residence. What should I do?
22. Do you require a security deposit before service is started?
23. Where can I pay my bill?
24. The water usage on my bill seems high. Can this be rechecked?
25. Does water usage factor into the calculated sewer bill?
26. If I don’t pay my sewer and/or water bill is there a penalty?
27. I have paid my bill late. Can I have my penalty waived?
28. What will happen if I am a sewer customer only and do not pay my bill?
29. How long will the above sewer bill charges stay on my property taxes?
30. I have a grinder pump for which I supply the electric. Do I receive a credit for this?
31. How do I change my mailing address?
32. I experienced a leak in my private water service. Is there an adjustment that can be made on my bill?
33. What is an equivalent dwelling unit?
34. If I purchase a home from a Sheriff’s Auction, what am I responsible for concerning the sanitary sewer and/or water?
35. If my tenant does not pay the sewer and/or water bill and delinquent charges were added, who is responsible for the payment?
36. I have a financial crisis and cannot pay my utility bill. What can I do?
37. How much does the Ottawa County Regional Water Plant and Transmission System charge each governmental stakeholder for the wholesale supply of water?
38. Why is there year round water and sewer billing for seasonal customers?