OPWC-Ohio Public Works

Accounting Procedures – Joint Township OPWC  Projects

Ohio Public Works Commission Grant / Loan Applications
 Ottawa County – District 5

Local Ranking will be September 26, 2018, 9:00 a.m.  at the
Ottawa County Engineer’s Office

Round 33 – Applications are provided below:

Round 33 Priority Rating Sheet

Port Clinton CityJefferson Street Reconstruction

Genoa VillageWaste Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Oak Harbor VillagePark Street Reconstruction

Allen TownshipCurtice East, Graytown and West Shore Roads Resurfacing

Benton TownshipWalbridge East, Fritchie and Lickert-Harder Roads Resurfacing

Carroll TownshipMartin-Williston, Leutz and Toussaint-Portage Roads Resurfacing

Ottawa County EngineerState Road Improvement Project

Round 32 – Applications are provided below:

Score Sheet

Ottawa County
1.  Ottawa County RWTP – Clarifier Mechanism Recoating
2.  Elmore Eastern Road CR#6 Road Relocation
3.  Portage River South Road TR #18 Over Sugar Creek Bridge Rehab

Allen Township

Billman TR #54, Genoa-Clay Center TR #51 Young TR #74 Road Ressurfacing

Benton Township

Moline-Martin TR #66, Bier TR #97, Linker Portage TR #46 and Other Roads Resurfacing

Genoa Village

Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Oak Harbor Village
1.   Park Street Reconstruction
2.  State Route #163 Water Line Phase 3

Port Clinton City

Jefferson Street Water & Sanitary Sewer Improvements

Round 31 – Applications are provided below:

Round 31 Priority Rating Sheet

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Ottawa County

Engineer’s Office
Gypsum Road CR #33 Pavement and Drainage Improvements

Sanitary Engineer’s Office
Elevated Water Tower Tank Repairs

Carroll Township

Bier Road TR #97 Resurfacing & Safety Improvement

Genoa Village

Washington Street Reconstruction – Phase 3 

Water Booster Pump Station Improvements 

City of Port Clinton

Water and Sanitary Sewer Replacement – Loan Assistance

Village of Oak Harbor

State Route 163 Waterline Replacement – Phase 3

Round 30 – Due 4:00 p.m. September 4, 2015

Round 30 Priority Rating Sheet

Ottawa County 
Engineer’s Office – Ap 1
West Catawba Road Resurfacing & Safety Improvement – Phase #1

Clay Township  – Ap 2
Billman Road TR #54, Reiman Road TR #53, Opfer-Lentz Road TR #214 and Other Roads Resurfacing

Danbury Township  (Joint w/Carroll Twp) – Ap 3
Quarry Road TR #218 & Camp Perry Western Road TR #18 Resurfacing

City of Port Clinton – Ap 4
Madison Street Reconstruction

City of Port Clinton – Ap 5
Madison Street Water and Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Village of Oak Harbor – Ap 6
Benton and Main Street Improvements

Village of Genoa – Ap 7
Washington Street Reconstruction

Village of Put-In-Bay – Ap 8
Water Treatment Plant Improvements