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Legal Description Review Guidelines and Submission Forms

It is the desire of Ottawa County to provide a service for the public to insure proper and accurate descriptions of property, to correct any errors that are evident, and ensure that the property is accurately described for tax purposes.

It is the intent of these requirements to provide a standard method of checking legal descriptions for deeds, easements, affidavits, and other instruments that require the use of land descriptions. ( O.R.C. 319.203 )

Any person, title company, etc., wishing to transfer and/or record any instruments of conveyance, and any surveyors and/or authors of any legal descriptions, are encouraged to have descriptions checked by the Ottawa County Engineer’s Office, a minimum of seven (7) working days prior to the actual time of closing. This will avoid delays and allow time for any corrections that may be necessary.

This review process DOES NOT insure clear title to a certain piece of property, but does assure that the legal description meets the “Minimum Standard for Boundary Surveys in the State of Ohio”, as described in Chapter 4733-37 of the Administrative Code.

The Ottawa County Engineer’s Office and/or the Ottawa County Auditor’s Office bear no liability for any title problems that the reviewed descriptions may cause.

A licensed Professional Land Surveyor will review the legal description.  Review submitted to the Engineer’s Office must be accompanied by the Legal Description Submission Form available below or at the top of this page.

** Update to review procedures as of December 8, 2017
If a legal description contains a parcel number and/or address the description will be forwarded to the Auditor’s Office for verification of this information.  This process may add up to an additional 3 days to the review time.

Legal Description Review Guidelines

Legal Description Submission Form

Subdivision Improvement Standards

This Subdivision Improvement Manual, created by the Ottawa County Engineer’s Office, is to be used in conjunction with the Ottawa County Subdivision Regulations in the development of residential real estate in Ottawa County. This Manual provides guidelines for acceptable design of the roadways, storm drainage, utility placement and other ancillary improvements generally associated with the development of a residential community.

The provision of, and requirements attendant to, sanitary sewer and potable water service for any development need to be integrated into the over all plan, but are directly administered by the Ottawa County Sanitary Engineer or another public or quasi-public agency in the County,  Consultation with the appropriate entity is required.

It is our belief that this Manual provides the basic criteria for a successful project design and the Office of the Ottawa County Engineer stands ready to answer any questions that may arise from your utilization thereof.

A copy of the improvement standards are available at our office for a cost of $10.00 per set.  We are also making them available on the web.  You may access them by clicking the link below or at the top of the page.

Review Fees have been revised effective 01/01/2020.  The new schedule is in the Subdivision Improvement Standards, Section V.

Subdivision Improvement Standards

Mailbox Replacement Policy

The Ottawa County Highway Department has approximately 324 lane miles of roadway to clear of ice and snow during any given storm.  This is done on a normal basis with seven trucks and very skilled drivers. This mileage does not include the travel distance to start each route. Depending on visibility and road conditions the average time for each driver to complete each round is three to four hours. There has also been a safe speed established of 30 to 40 mph while plowing snow.

The mailboxes along these county roads are of importance to us and we do not try to destroy them on purpose.  However, due to weather conditions some do get damaged. Factors that may lead to box damage may include, the amount of snow on the road, the wetness of the snow, and the distance of the mailbox from the road.
Stop for a second to ponder this thought… One snowball the size of a regular mailbox may weigh six pounds. Now imagine that six-pound snowball traveling at 30 mph and hitting your mailbox. Many times it is the snow, not the plow, that does the damage to the mailbox.

The Ottawa County Highway Department will replace the mailbox if the following conditions were met:

  1. The mailbox was damaged due to the snow or plow hitting the mailbox.
  2. The request is called in or emailed the following regular business day after the mailbox was damaged.
  3. Only the property owner or caretaker of the property may report the damage.

The Ottawa County Highway Department will replace the mailbox with one 4×4 wood post, one standard metal mailbox, one boxboard, and the necessary screws to attach the previous all together. If a total replacement is not necessary only the items required from the previous list will be used. The expensive plastic mailboxes will NOT be replaced.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your mailbox will help to weather out the winter storms:

  1. Keep the mailbox as far from the white line as practical
  2. Snow removed from your driveway should not be placed on the roadway
  3. Mailbox posts must be break away and cannot be mounted on anything bigger than a 4×4 wood post.
  4. Place a deflector on an independent post in front of your mailbox. (The pictures attached here with will help.)

clip_image002 clip_image004

Please feel free to email any questions regarding this policy to [email protected].

Thank you, Superintendent
Ottawa County Highway Department

Ottawa County Maps  2020 Edition

The Ottawa County Map 2020 Edition is now available.  To obtain a copy please mail $3.00 ($2.00 for the map and $1.00 for return postage) to:

The Ottawa County Engineer’s Office
8247 W State Route #163
Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449

If you are in town and wish to stop by you may pick up a copy at our office.  If you are an Ottawa County resident, or own property in Ottawa County, the first map is free.  Each additional copy is $2.00.

If you have any questions please feel free to E-mail us at [email protected].

Copy & Print Pricing

Effective January 1, 2007

Small Prints  (11″ x 17″ and smaller)                  $1.00 each
Large Prints (larger than 11″ x 17″)                   $2.00 each

Copies are also available through our GIS portal, please see that page.

We can E-mail copies of documents for free!  Please E-mail us at [email protected] with your request.

For additional assistance please contact us at (419) 734-6777.  We will explain the procedure and fees involved.

Civil Engineers and Surveyors

Click this link to receive a copy of our current Civil Engineers and Surveyors List.  This list is offered as a convenience and is not a recommendation.  To obtain information on services they offer and/or pricing, please contact the entity or individual at the number listed.

Surveyor & Engineer List

Boring and Excavation Contractors

Click this link below to receive a copy of our current Directional Boring and Air Operated Directional Mole Contractor List.  We also have an Excavation Contractors list available.  These lists are offered as a convenience and are not a recommendation.  To obtain information on services they offer and/or pricing, please contact the entity or individual at the number(s) listed.

Boring Contractors

Excavation Contractors

Pipe Suppliers

Click this link below to receive a copy of our current Pipe Supplier List.  This list is offered as a convenience and is not a recommendation.  To obtain information on services or material they offer and/or pricing, please contact the entity or individual at the number(s) listed.

Pipe Suppliers