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A long siren sounding means immediately tune your radio or television to a local Emergency Alert System (EAS) station. Local EAS stations are listed on this page. An EAS message will tell you what to do. Remain calm. DO NOT panic! Listen closely and follow the instructions given in the EAS messages. Sirens could be turned on for different types of events. Events could include tornadoes, flooding, chemical spills, or an emergency at the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station.

Using the phone during any emergency could overload system lines and delay important calls. For safety information, listen to a local EAS station. EAS stations provide the best information. Emergency information will be repeated often, Use your phone only if you need help.

Check on neighbors as time permits, especially those who could need assistance, identify that they have received the EAS message and know what to do.

Sirens are located throughout the 10-mile area around DBNPS. This area is called the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ). Siren testing is performed each month. The sirens are sounded during these tests, Tests normally take place at noon on the first Friday of each month and last about one minute. If you are located near a siren and do not hear it sound during the monthly test, contact either the Ottawa or Lucas County Emergency Management Agencies. EAS messages are not provided during these tests.

In addition to the siren system, alert weather radios are a means of learning about emergency conditions. They are available from local electronics stores, Many different models are available, but tone alerting models are recommended, These radios will activate if there is a weather emergency or an emergency at Davis-Besse. It is important that owners of these radios tune to their EAS station upon hearing the tone on the alert weather radio.

Local EAS Radio and TV Stations

FM Radio Stations    
WRVF Toledo 101.5
WIOT Toledo 104.7
TV Stations    
WTOL-TV Toledo Channel 11
WTVG-TV Toledo Channel 13
WNWO-TV Toledo Channel 24
WGTE-TV Toledo Channel 30
WUPW-TV Toledo Channel 36